Youth Dance Lessons

For Ages 1.5 - 17

No Recitals

No Registration Fee

Boutique Program with Small Classes

Taught by Highly-Trained Ballet Instructors

With over 20 years of experience teaching young dancers in Alabama, NYC, and Seattle, Wa.  I am thrilled to offer classes in Tuscaloosa! 

Alison Hollingsworth                  

Owner, Ballet Art & Fitness

Youth Dance Classes Offered

  • Ballet

  • Pointe

  • Tap

  • Conditioning

  • Private Lessons

Please contact us if you are interested in private lessons.

Registration is open for our 2019/2020 year.  Classes begin Tuesday, September 8th. Keep in mind that we do not have registration fees, recitals, nor competitions.  To register for classes simply fill out the Youth Registration Form noting to which class you would like to be added. You can find additional information and links below. 


Youth Dance Class Cost


Enrolled Youth Class Costs

PB I, PBII, Technique classes, Ballet I, Ballet II, and Ballet III level  classes cost $13.75 per hour and are charged on a semester basis with final semester amount determined by the holiday schedule. Exact tuition costs per class can be found on our Youth Class Schedule .   Highlight the class in question and  Fall and Spring tuition will be displayed.  The price listed is before any discounts are applied.  Discounts are available for multiple classes at the studio, multiple children within the family at the studio, college student discount applicable to all of our area colleges, and a military discount.   Register Now 

Tuition is to be paid at the beginning of the semester or broken into monthly payments. No refunds or credits for missed classes. However, missed classes can be made up anytime during the same semester the absence occurred.  Class schedule here.  Due to covid-19, this year our monthly billing will be based on the actual classes per month instead of equal payments spread over the term. Payment options of monthly, half, and full tuition still exist but please keep in mind sudden closures are a possibility and monthly payments are safest.

Payments that are 30 days past due are subject to a 15% late fee compounded monthly until tuition is paid in full. Parents/guardians are responsible for late fees in addition to any costs incurred to collect. Returned checks will be charged any fees incurred by Ballet Arts & Fitness in addition to the payment amount due.

Open Division Opportunities

The older teen has the option of taking classes in the adult division if an enrolled setting does not suit their schedule. For example, often teens involved in theater often cannot make enrolled classes on a regular basis and find "drop in" evening classes easier for them.  These classes are offered on a “drop in” basis meaning you can attend as many per week as you would like and you pay on a per class basis. Classes are offered at many different times to accomodate busy schedules. Class schedule here.  Classes are on-going and may be joined at any time.  Simply fill out the Youth Registration Form and note that you want to take the open classes.     

Drop-in Rate: $15 per class

Save with a Class Card

  • Card for 10 Classes: $135 

  • Card for 15 Classes: $195 


Class cards expire one year after purchase.

All classes and class cards are non-refundable.



Youth Class Descriptions and Levels

Ages 1.5-3: Dancing Tots

This is a stimulating and interactive class for both care giver and child.  It is our Mommy and Me style class.  Children will build confidence, explore rhythms and movements, build fine and gross motor skills and so much more. (Not currently available.)

Ages 3 - 4: Ballet - Prima Ballerina I (PBI)

This is a fun introduction into ballet for our tiniest dancers.  They will learn basic ballet  steps in a fun and creative environment. 

Ages 5 - 6: Ballet & Tap - Prima Ballerina II (PBII)

This is a one-hour long combo class taught in a fun learning environment with imagiinative games to get your child learning and creating. Your child will learn the basics of ballet, tap and musicality; build coordination; utilize their imagination and gain confidence in their expanding knowledge. We will be giving your child a foundation for excellence in dance.

Ages 7 - 9: Technique Classes - Ballet, Tap & Jazz Combo

In this class, we focus on the proper execution of technique and expand the student's knowledge of steps and placement.  A one hour ballet technique class is offered.

Ages 10 - 17: Ballet I-IV, Pointe, Tap, Conditioning

  • Ballet I classes are offered for the beginner dancer, with no experience in ballet.

  • Ballet II classes are offered for the advanced beginner to intermediate dancer who has 3+ years of ballet training.  Placement approval by instructor is required.

  • Ballet III classes are offered for the intermediate to advanced dancer who has 5+ years of ballet training. Placement approval by instructor is required. In addition to their enrolled class the open division is available to this level to provide the dancer multiple classes and disciplines  per week.  

  • Ballet IV classes are offered for the advanced dancer. Placement approval by instructor required. In addition to their enrolled class the open division is available to this level to provide the dancer multiple classes and disciplines per week.

  • Pointe and Pre-Pointe Instructor approval is required for pointe work. Pre-pointe in slippers is open and encouraged for all.

  • Tap classes are offered for ages 10+ in the adult division for the beginner and intermediate.

  • Ballet Conditioning is offered for ages 10+ in the adult division for any level of dancer wishing to improve their strength, balance, and flexibility.  

Suggested Class Attire for Youth

Ballet, Lyrical, Modern: Tights and leotard or unitard, ballet shoes and dance belt for male dancers. Shorts, skirts, tank-tops, or dance warm-ups are allowed over leotards. No baggy clothing as it is difficult for the dancer to see their proper body alignment. It is acceptable to wear tight fitting Lycra short shorts (commonly called booty shorts) over a leotard and tights; however, it is not acceptable to wear them with bare legs at Ballet Arts & Fitness. No jewelry allowed to avoid injury.

Jazz, Hip Hop: Tights and leotard or unitard, jazz pants or shorts and fitted top, jazz shoes and dance belt for male dancers.  Shorts, skirts, tank tops, or dance warm-ups are allowed over leotards. No baggy clothing as it is difficult for the dancer to see their proper body alignment. No jewelry allowed to avoid injury.

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