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Adult Dance Lessons

Always wanted to learn to dance and just never “got around to it”?

Did you take dance as a child and would like to get back into dancing?

Are you a retired professional looking for a way to keep in shape?

With over 20 years of experience teaching adults in Alabama, NYC, and Seattle, Wa.  I am thrilled to offer classes in Tuscaloosa! 

Alison Hollingsworth                   

Owner, Ballet Arts & Fitness   




Adult Classes Offered

  • Ballet - all levels

  • Pointe

  • Ballet Conditioning

  • Tap

  • BAF Cardio Blast

  • Private Instruction

Please contact us if you are interested in private instruction.


Adult Class Costs

Adult classes are offered on a “drop in” basis meaning you can attend as many per week as you would like and you pay on a per class basis. Classes are offered at many different times to accomodate busy schedules. Class schedule hereDue to the current Covid-19 concerns we are operating at 50% occupancy and minimal classes.  With this in mind you must reserve a spot in class to attend.  A 24 hour cancellation policy is in place as most of our classes have wait lists. Please see the schedule to see which classes are currently offered. 

Drop-in Rate: $15 per class

Save with a Class Card

  • Card for 10 Classes: $135 (save $15)

  • Card for 15 Classes: $195 (save $30)


  • All area college students receive a 10% discount

  • DCH employees receive a 10% discount

  • Military receive a 15% discount

  • Work Study: Work in exchange for free or discounted classes


All classes and class cards are non-refundable.



Adult Class Descriptions and Levels


Basic Beginner Ballet

This class is designed for the adult who has never had dance before.  The basic terms, alignment, and posture is taught with any student limitations in mind.  This class is designed to prepare the dancer so they can proceed to beginner ballet when they feel comfortable.

Beginer Ballet

This class is designed for the dancer with an understanding of the basics of ballet.  We will continue to build strength in the basics as well as build on the dancer’s vocabulary, strength, stretch and musicality.

Advanced Beginner Ballet

This class is for the dancer who has begun to feel comfortable in beginner ballet and is ready to challenge themselves more.  We will start stringing more steps together in combinations, challenge our strength and coordination at the barre and center, execute more challenging petite and grand allegros, as well as continuing to  focus on musicality and alignment.

Intermediate Ballet

This is for the dancer who has been dancing for while.  The dancer should be accomplished enough to be able to focus on more complicated combinations and steps. We focus on strength and artistry a great deal at this level.

Advanced Ballet

The advanced ballet class is for the accomplished dancer who wishes to enjoy a complete and well balanced class as well as the intermediate dancer who wishes to advance their skill level.

Gentle Ballet

Gentle ballet is a specialized approach to ballet class.  It is suited for anyone who has body limitations due to injury, illness, or life.  We take a very gentle approach to ballet and have an absolutely zero impact class.  We do not jump nor turn but we build strength and stretch through classical ballet movements.  While we no longer offer a class designated only as gentle ballet all of our classes can be modified to gentle ballet.  Just make sure you let the instructor know that is what you are needing.

Ballet Conditioning

This is a strengthening class for any level of dancer or non dancer.  We employ resistance bands, light weights, and our own body reistance to work arms, legs, and core.  It is a good full body strengthening class!  We always end with a nice long stretch to lengthen everything we have just worked.


We have beginner and intermediate tap classes. Beginner tap is for the dancer with no prior training.  Intermediate tap is for the more experienced dancer looking to increase vocabulary and speed.

Classic Jazz Advanced Beginner

This class is designed for a dancer with some prior knowledge of dance terms and body movement.  Classic Jazz is a style performed from the core, with clean and strong lines emanating from the hips and chest. Think "Broadway-style" jazz.

The Dancers Workout®

This is a fun and energetic fitness class for the adult dancer! Think Zumba for the classically trained dancer.  It is designed for the adult who used to dance 10, 20, 30 years ago who is looking for a fun alternative to the regular cardio grind of the gym.  Current dancers will also fit in perfectly in this class.  It incorporates easy to follow choreography to upbeat popular music for a non stop cardio workout.  Also included in the hour class is a focused boot camp section for abs and legs. You can read more about this class on our blog!

Adult Class Attire

Appropriate attire is whatever you are comfortable in and can easily move in while wearing.

Tights and leotards are always welcomed as are yoga pants and tanks. Baggy clothing really doesn’t work in your best interest because the instructors will have a harder time correcting your alignment and you will have a harder time seeing your alignment. Appropriate foot attire is encouraged - ballet shoes for ballet, jazz shoes for jazz etc. Hip Hop and Cardio Funk classes are allowed to wear athletic shoes as long as they have never been worn outside of the studio.  No street shoes are allowed on the dance surface.  Thank You!!

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