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Youth Performing Company 5-18

We are now opening our Youth Performing company to ages 5-18. We are so excited to see our younger ages represented in the company. Our studio does not have recitals so for those that would like to perfom 4-5 times a year this is the perfect opportunity. We will have an audition for the company on June 8th. Prior reservation is required for the audition. Each age group has a designated time so make sure you contact us to reserve your child's spot in the audition. (Times listed below.)

Auditioning is an important part of a dancers life. By auditioning within their own studio it gives the student a glimpse into the audition process in a kind and nurturing environment. This helps them learn what to expect at future auditions and aides in controlling nerves and allows them to do their best. We look at the company audition as a training tool to further their dance education.

Our Youth Performing Company is for the enrichment of our dancers and our community. We love to share our joy of dance within our community. We perform at retirement villages and other community events that might arise. We also have a staging of a classical ballet in May that the Youth Performing Company will have roles in. Our company has been growing over the past two years and we are so excited to see the coming year!

To remain eligible for the company during the year technique classes must be attended regularly. Once we have a full list of performers we will create the rehearsal and performance schedule. The rehearsal slot per age is on the schedule that was handed out the last week of classes. We firmly believe that dance is for everyone and will do our absolute best to keep the financial burden low for the families. We keep costuming classically minimal with this in mind.

We do understand that June is a prime travel month. If you are unable to attend the June 8th audition please let me know and we will make other arrangements.

Saturday, June 8 - Audition

5-6 year old - 12:00

7-9 Year olds - 1:00

10+ Beginner/Advanced Beginner Dancers - 1:00

10+ Intermediate/Advanced Dancers - 2:00

Reserve via email at

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