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Why we never wear our dance shoes outside of the studio.

We have all heard the instructions to never wear dance shoes outside of the studio. In fact we may have heard it so much that we don't really hear it anymore. So lets do a refresh on the reasons that we don't wear dance shoes outside.

Dance shoes are not made to be durable.

They are made to enhance the line of the foot and provide a good turning base or non slip surface. They were not made to hold up to the rigors of pavement and the oils and residues found in parking lots. Pavement will wear though a ballet slipper extremely quickly. Not to mention that the shoe will not protect you from obstacles that you encounter outside.

Outside street shoes can tarnish the dance floor/surface.

Marley, a dance linoleum, is a very specialized surface designed for the correct amount of friction to allow dancers to slide along - yet not slide out of control while in a pointe shoe. The debris, oils, moisture, and germs that are on your street shoe will lodge in the porous linoleum and degrade the surface. Then it is no longer a safe surface for your dancer to dance upon.

Tracking in debris can cause safety and health concerns.

Wearing dance shoes outside accumulates that same debris and gets tracked in on the dance floor/surface. When this occurs repeatedly the flooring will tarnish have to be replaced to ensure the safety of dancers which is a very expensive undertaking. That debris can also be transferred onto other dancer's skin, tights, and leotards which becomes a health concern. To help the studio cut costs, keep tuitions lower, and an overall safe/clean environment dancers shouldn't wear ballet shoes outside.

So now that the reasons have been refreshed it makes total sense why we don't wear our dance shoes outside. It is best to wear some form of street shoe from the car to the studio and change into ballet shoes once inside. Shoe booties that can be worn over ballet shoes are a great alternative as well. Let's continue to keep Ballet Arts & Fitness a safe and clean place for all dancers to come!

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