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The Joy of the Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

As seen through the eyes of a few of our students.

We all love the Holiday Season but I love seeing it through children's eyes. Everything is so shiny and exciting to them. They bring such joy to the studio on a regular basis so this week I went to each youth class and spoke with them about what they were excited about this time of year. Their eyes absolutely lit up as they gathered their responses.

My 5/6 year olds told me "CHRISTMAS"!! And yes, it was gleefully shouted at me. They explained with little grins that presents were much loved! I was also told that they were really excited about cinnamon cookies and snow. We all took a moment and wished for snow! I love how much they are enjoying the buildup to their favorite holiday.

I next visited our Ballet I dancers. Although they are more reserved (they are dignified pre-teens teens now you know) the enjoyment of the upcoming holiday was visible. Again CHRISTMAS was declared. But they are also looking forward to a break from school and time with family. Such sweet kids!

Visiting the 7-9 year old classes, which are a bundle of non stop energy, I expected to get some lively answers. They did not disappoint! Unlike the other classes where a bit of shyness was involved, this group was ready to shout of all sorts of answers at me! The first shout was two kiddos saying "EVERYTHING." But then they were also looking forward to being at home, cousins visiting, Santa, and our performance on the 16th. I caught them giggling as we talked about the Holidays. So much fun!!

My intermediate/advanced dancers are again reserved teens and I thought I might get shoulder shrugs and "I dunno." But I was hoping that I could get them talking. They did indeed have some fun things to look forward to over the Holiday. They have travel planned, a lot of family visiting, staying at home with family and performing planned. Some of these dancers are in the local community Nutcracker production and all of them are in our upcoming December performances. I think they all could agree that they were looking forward to a break from school work!

And last but not least my 3/4 year old classes. The sweetest Santa age possible. They love everything about being at the studio. When I mentioned the upcoming Holiday they were aglow with energy and ready to tell me all about it. They could not sit still as we talked about all the things they loved! Snow angels and decorations topped the list. But we had a chat about all of the cookies we loved too! I even learned a few new cookies to add to my list.

I consider myself lucky to see these kids weekly and so happy that they are sharing their

love of the holidays with me. It's going to be a fun month!

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