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Student Highlight - Blanca Pizarro

Blanca has been dancing with us for about three years. She brings so much positive energy, beautiful artistry, and a beautiful work ethic into the studio every single time she enters! I Have never seen her walk into the studio without a big smile- even after the longest of work days. I cannot say how much she adds to the studio! She will only be in Tuscaloosa four years. I am already missing her!!!

"I started dancing at age four and since then I haven't stopped doing it; My parents always told me that I almost learned to dance before walking. Dancing has always been more than a hobby for me.

I work as a financial director and dancing is an important and different part of my life.

Three years ago I moved from Spain to Tuscaloosa for work. In Spain I used to dance in a flamenco ballet company, with performances throughout Spain.

When I decided to come to Tuscaloosa, the first thing I looked for was a dance studio; Flamenco is not danced here, so I had to go back to my classical ballet classes.

After a long time, Alison helped me trust to put on a pair of point shoes and helps me improve my ballet every week. Every day I look forward to finishing work and going dancing.

I miss dancing for the audience on stage, but I feel very proud to be able to dance in the presentations and choreographies that Alison teaches us.

In Ballet Arts and Fitness I have found a second home away from home, with mates who love to dance as much as I do, and a great teacher and friend ...Alison"

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