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Student Highlight

Ms. Kim Davis

We have so many wonderful students that I thought we would highlight them! Our first student highlight is Kim Davis. She has been dancing with us since we opened in 2013. She has proven to be a hard worker both in and out of the studio. As a high school French teacher she has spearheaded an immersion teaching technique in her classrooms and is writing books and programs to help this technique catch on in other schools systems throughout the country. She has done this while continuing to improve her ballet technique weekly at the studio. Often getting to the studio is the hardest part after a long day of work but she made it a priority and continues to dance! We asked her what dance means in her life and here is what she had to say!

"I have always danced. As a little kid, I would stage performances of The Nutcracker in my driveway. Growing up in rural Alabama meant that access to dance classes was limited, so I am fortunate to have the chance to seriously study dance as an adult. I was an avid Irish dancer for over 13 years and still dance when the opportunity arises. Classes at Ballet Arts and Fitness have allowed me to pursue my first obsession, ballet. I am grateful to receive quality, professional training, and I am amazed at my progression thanks to the guidance of teacher and owner, Alison. Dance also allows me to decompress from a long day of teaching particularly when surrounded by a supportive and encouraging group of women and men who take classes at the studio. I am so grateful for all the friends I have met through the studio. Alison has created a truly special place for all dancers regardless of age or ability."

Thank you for being a part of the studio Kim!

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