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Pre-Profesional Ballet Program

At Ballet Arts & Fitness we are introducing our Pre-Proffesional program this year. Dancers in Ballet Levels II, III have the opportunity to join. We will have required ballet/pointe classes, workshops, guest instructors, performances, and several other opportunities. I am so excited to be able to give our beautiful dancers this enriching opportunity!

What is a pre-professional ballet program? It is a program that helps prepare aspiring ballet dancers for semi-proffesional ballet opportunities. This includes auditioning for scholarships or college/university dance programs as well as professional dance companies.

A pre-professional ballet program guides dancers to master and polish their ballet technique but also augments their training with with additional styles of dance, health and injury prevention, choreography, and proffesional skills such as writing a resume and having a successful audition.

In addition to point, elite technique and variations it is important that today’s dancer be well rounded. It is important to be able to pick up other techniques quickly as a choreographer might throw in contemporary, character, Flamenco, tap, etc in a piece at any time.

Over a career it is important to keep the health of the dancer at the forefront. That applies to physical health with cross training and injury prevention but also stress management techniques, knowing how to fuel our bodies to dance for hours, and when to recognize that it is time to give your bodies a break. All of these things are such an important part of dancer health.

Choreography is also a natural progression of dancing. It is important to learn how to present a dancer or group of dancers on the stage. It is important to learn how to put the steps together and how to present an idea. The knowledge learned through this training can strengthen the ability to learn and understand choreography. The student might also find out they have a passion for choreography!

Professional skills are vital to a dance career. One must know how to put a resume together, how to present themselves in a professional manner at auditions, and how to follow up after all opportunities. This applies to all situation whether it be summer programs, college programs, or company auditions.

A pre-proffesional program is the best way for a dancer to learn the industry from those of us who have been there before them. It is a well rounded program that touches on all facets of the dance career. It is so much more than just coming to a technique class. I am thrilled to be able to pass this on to my students.

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