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Foster Child Program

We feel very strongly that each child should have an opportunity to enjoy dance. I do not believe that dance should only be enjoyed by the more affluent children. Dance can add so much to a child’s life in the way of entertainment, socialization, and exercise but it also has many hidden benefits. Dance is something that must be worked toward weekly. By working toward something in a consistent setting this gives the child an understanding of goal setting, discipline, work ethic, and delayed satisfaction. When they learn a new step or finally conquer one they have been working on it is such a sense of accomplishment and self confidence. These are life skills and lessons that stay with them for a life time. Often when kids have had a hard time something like dance can give them an understanding that they can do anything that they put their minds to. It can give them something all of their own that they can control.

With this in mind we do give scholarships and special allowances at the studio so no child is left out. One of our special programs is with the Foster Child Program. We have an agreement in place with DHR of Tuscaloosa Country where they will pay for classes for a foster child at Ballet Arts. We have a special rate in place for the Foster Child Program of $5 a class. We will bill DHR monthly after the foster parent goes through DHR for approval etc. If you would like to not go through DHR we will offer the foster parent the $5 class rate as well. We would bill per the semester but it can be paid monthly as well.

We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop and more in our youth division (ages 3-17). We do not have recitals nor do we compete in competitions. We focus on classical technique training in a nurturing and fun environment. We do have an in house parent/guardian observation day the last day of class which allows the child to show off what they have learned throughout the year. The kids take pride in this and seem to enjoy it. If the child finds it stressful there is no requirement to take part in it. We also have an in house show every other year or so and the older kids and teens are often invited to participate in that. That does require a bit out rehearsal time outside of their regular class time.

I would love for more families to take advantage of this offer. You do so much for the foster children in our area. We would love to help out a little. I am available to talk to you about this at any time. You can reach me at or (205)246-0054.

Alison Hollingsworth

Owner, Ballet Arts & Fitness

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