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Benefits of Tap

Every wonder about starting tap as an adult? Perhaps you have wondered how to go about it? What are the benefits? What am I getting myself into? Well, let me help you out with those questions!!

We offer two tap classes at the studio on Tuesday evenings. The first one at 6:30 is for Beginners! That means you can walk in with absolutely no tap knowledge what so ever and fit right in. The 7:30 class is Intermediate to Advanced and that is for those of you that have tap-danced in past or present and are ready to continue to challenge yourselves. So, all you have to do it pick the level that sounds like your situation and come on by for a class! Beginners, we even have a few tap shoes on hand so you can try the class before purchasing shoes if you would like. In our new studio we have wonderful wooden floor for our tap room so you can hear every single tap sound.

The benefits are pretty amazing too. I think most people take tap because it is fun! You get to use your body like a percussive instrument! You get to challenge your mind body connection with patterns and routines. However, did you know that it is a cardiovascular workout? Yeah, skip the tread mill that day and tap! Truly get a workout in without realizing it. Our classes are an hour long and you will have intervals of high intensity so it would be easy to burn anywhere between 300-400 calories while working out the heart and lungs. This will also play a nice role in lowering blood pressure by getting blood flowing through the body's major muscle groups causing arteries to dilate and contact more efficiently. Not to mention is is a great way toning the lower body. Those quads, thighs, and calves will thank you!

If you have taken tap before you know what you are getting into- a nice warm up routine, practice of elements and steps, then stringing them together in combos. You know the terminology and are ready to go! In Beginner class you will still do the above order of things but you will build upon vocabulary and movements starting with very simple and repetitive until you are more comfortable and ready to challenge yourself a bit more. Things you will hear are toe dig, heel drop, shuffle, ball change, flap, stomp, stamp etc. Not too scary right?

So, now that you know where to start, why to start, and what to expect let me invite you to come take a class son us! Laura will be offering her Tuesday Sept 13 classes for free! Come give either class a try and see/hear our fun new space!

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