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Reopening Post Covid Closure

What to expect when you arrive for class.

I am so looking forward to seeing dancers back at the studio! Things will be a bit different as we start back at the studio next week.

1) 7 people per class and you must register in advance. If you have not requested a spot and heard back from me you are not registered. I absolutely hate this as it goes against my studio philosophy of drop in classes but odd times call for odd measures.

2) If you have a spot reserved and need to cancel please do so 48 hours before class or you will be charged for that slot. There is a wait list list classes. Another rule that I hate and I look forward to ditching this one as soon as possible.

3) We will be wearing masks at the studio. I know it is not ideal to dance with a mask but to keep us healthy and the studio open for us we must take all precautions that we can. I will keep class a bit less taxing and the room cooler with this in mind.

4) If you feel sick or have been exposed to someone who is ill please do not come to the studio. Please follow CDC guidelines in self quarantine.

5) There will be no sign in when you arrive. I will take roll and mark your cards as you arrive. Or of course help you with a financial transaction.

6) The dressing room will be closed. It is just too small to apply proper social distancing. Please keep that in mind as you prepare for class!

7) The barres will be set up to allow 6” social distancing between dancer. The stretch space is marked with tape spots that are 6” apart.

8) When we come center for ballet we will be in groups. The spots are marked. The group not dancing will wait in the stretch area on the 6’ apart spots. Laura will set up the tap class with 6” distancing.

9) There will be no water available at the studio. Please bring your own and be sure to take it with you upon leaving.

10) I assure you that constant sanitizing of commonly touched objects, equipment, and floors is being done daily. Wipes are visible throughout the studio and feel free to use one if you need. Feel free to take time between barre and center to wash hands.

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