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Girl's Night Out!

A girls night out is just a little more fun when it is kicked off with an activity! We have created just such an activity! Schedule a private class for just your group. You can choose from any level of ballet, tap, or contemporary, or choose from our Diamond Division 50+ fitness classes.

You have a choice of three different packages - Demi, Grand, or Prima. Our Demi is 45 minutes of your choice of class at a rate of $100 for up to 5 people. $20 a person for parties of over 5. Grand is 1 hour of your choice of class plus refreshing beverages served. $125 for up to five people and $25 a person for parties over 5. Then our Prima option is 1 hour of class and 20 minutes for refreshments and relaxation after the class. Plus an additional staff on hand to be your personal paparazzi! $175 for up to 5 people and $35 a person for parties over 5.

We will be offering Girl's Night Out primarily on Friday and Saturday evenings. Please specify if another time is preferred. Contact us to book yours today!

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