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Covid-19 Studio Update

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

UPDATE - Both Youth and Adult Division are closed through April 5th. We hope to open again on April 6th but will follow city and state government recommendations on that issue. When we do reopen the following provision will be in place as I expect us to be dealing with this for a while. Thanks! WE hope to see you very soon! Alison Hollingsworth 3-19-2020

I wanted to take a moment and address what we are doing at the studio during this covid-19 outbreak. Following guidelines as outlined by Governor Ivey and Tuscaloosa City Schools we are closing out youth division through April 5th. We do hope to restart youth classes on April 6th and will keep everyone updated on that. If the date is adjusted by the Governor we will follow suit.

At this point out adult division is still open. We are on limited classes this week due to the already planned spring break schedule but at this point I do expect classes to go back to our normal adult schedule on the 23rd. We have been on increased studio sanitizing for weeks now and will continue that. We have been sanitizing all commonly touched items including but not limited to door knobs, computer, pens, card box, bathroom, barres and water dispenser. To stay open we have instituted a few new guidelines as listed below. We are a small studio already but believe that the classes will be even smaller in the coming weeks which will allow us to social distance in class. We do ask that if you have been around anyone that is ill or you are ill please do not come to the studio. If Alabama continues like other states that have been infected there will come a time that it is necessary to close the studio. Please keep checking here (the studio website), facebook page, instagram account, or email us ( before you come to class. We will err on the side of caution and we ask that you do as well. Wash your hands, clean your surfaces, don't touch your face, and stay well!

Studio changes due to Covid-19

Effective 3/15/2020

We are doing our best to keep the studio open for all of us as well as aide the community in stopping the spread.

1) Community water and cups will no longer be available. Please make sure you bring water with you to class and take it with you or dispose of in a trash receptacle.

2) If you, or someone you live with or in close contact with, are ill please do not come to class.

3) We disinfect all common surfaces daily but feel free to wipe your Barre before use. Wipes are on the equipment rack.

4) Do your best to not touch your face and feel free to take time to wash your hand when you arrive a the studio, between Barre and center, and before you leave.

5) Situate yourself at the Barre and center for as much social distancing as possible. I feel we will be very small in number and this will be fairly easy. If for some reason class size is not small I will limit the number of people allowed in class.

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